Speedway Track Facts

Length: 1.5 miles or 7,920 feet
Frontstretch: 1,980 feet
Turns 1 & 2: 2,400 feet
Turns 3 & 4: 2,040
Radius Turns 1 & 2: 685 feet
Radius Turns 3 & 4: 625 feet
Banking in corners: 24-degrees
Banking is straightaways: 5-degrees
设施能力: 95,000
Suites: 57

About Charlotte Motor Speedway

For more than 60 years, Charlotte Motor Speedway has set the standard for motorsports entertainment and evolved into "America's Home for Racing." Nestled in the heart of NASCAR country, the iconic superspeedway is the only race vacation destination where fans can immerse themselves in the sport by taking in an event at the legendary facility, visit race team shops and explore the NASCAR Hall of Fame inthe same weekend. Generating a regional economic impact of approximately $450 million annually, the speedway hosts two premier NASCAR events each year - the Coca-Cola 600 and the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 - as well as more than three dozen other events for automotive and motorsports enthusiasts of all ages. Charlotte Motor Speedway's philosophy is to put "Fans First" and create memories that last a lifetime for all who pass through the gates.

  • 夏洛特汽车赛道综合体包括近2,000英亩,包括2.25英里的道路课程,六分高速公路布局,在1.5英里的Superspeedway的墙壁内和四分之一英里的椭圆形。一五里的椭圆形刚刚刚刚结束3. 2018年,夏洛特电机速度随着创新的Roval™而改变了NASCAR历史的历史,将与2.28英里,17圈课程联合在一起的传统高层椭圆形与新设计的infield路线课程。
  • NASCAR CUP系列,NASCAR XFINETY系列和NASCAR野营世界卡车系列每年每年竞争1.5英里的Superspeedway。各种轨道上的betway88客户端其他事件包括一个用于传奇汽车和Bandoleros的夏季长的短轨系列;国家和区域汽车俱乐部比赛;世界卡丁车协会区域,国家和国际比赛。夏洛特电机速度也每年都在展示两个Autofairs,每月四月和十月。betway88官网
  • In May 2000, a state-of-the-art four-tenths-mile clay oval—The Dirt Track at Charlotte—was completed across Highway 29 from the speedway. The stadium-style facility has 14,000 seats and annually hosts the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and the World of Outlaws Late Model Series along with a championship Monster Truck spectacular.
  • 2008年8月,Zmax Dragway于46.5英亩的土地上完成,毗邻泥土轨道。龙头条的贝拉格里奥拥有30,000个看台座位和40间豪华套房。它也是一条“第一款”,如世界上第一个拖拉条中,在条带下方有两个行人隧道,以增加风扇移动性,以及世界上第一个四车道赛车表面的流行性,最突出的功能。

Charlotte Motor Speedway Fun Facts

  • President George Washington ate lunch and rested in a house that once served as the speedway's offices.
  • During a typical race weekend, fans consume more than 34,000 slices of pizza, 9,500 gallons of soda and water, 13,500 feet of hot dogs and 309,000 pounds of ice.
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway became the first modern superspeedway to host night racing in 1992.
  • 2011年,夏洛蒂米otor Speedway set a Guinness World Record with the debut of the world's largest HDTV at a sports venue, spanning nearly 16,000 square feet of viewing pleasure for fans.